AliXXor Delux

Alixxor Deluxe Unit comes with the following:

  • Over 2000 pre programmed sequences
  • Attractive Red Carry case.
  • Hi gloss hand cylinders
  • Hi gloss foot plates with cover socks
  • Universal 12v power pack
  • Alixxor User Guide
  • Electrode cable
  • The unique Water Structuring
  • The Colloidal Silver Maker,
  • The Beck Blood Cleanser and
  • The Rife Frequency Handbook (ebook) by Nenah



  • One million frequencies - 0 to 10,000 Hz.
  • Accurate to two decimal places.
  • Scrollable menu on LCD screen select and RUN.
  • Delivers frequencies with forward and back functionality.
  • Scans between a range of selected frequencies with forward and back functionality.
  • Has wobble feature. Oscillate each side of a chosen frequency.
  • Plenty of memory to save your favorite sequences.
  • Records your history of use.
  • Plugs into 115 volt or 240 volt power supplies or a 12 volt DC source e.g. your motor car.
  • Has a Favorites menu to quickly find your popular sequences.
  • Displays a brief description of the various conditions.
  • Displays warnings where necessary.
  • Web site has login user functionality for detailed use and specific information.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if it does not deliver what we say it does. (See refunds policy).
  • Five year warranty with online registration.

Price is only$1,995 USD

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